The day you say "I do"...






...It's finally here! It is a day full of so many precious moments - the heartfelt tears of a groom as his bride walks down the aisle, the vows of lifelong commitment, the laughter with childhood friends during the best man's toast, the sweet embrace of a father/daughter dance. And what makes it so beautiful is that it all points to the love of Jesus Christ. What a beautiful day to remember! All these moments will pass by so quickly - but a photo has the ability to bring you back to one moment in time, back to the genuine love and happiness you experienced on that day. It would be such a joy to save those memories for you, to take part in one of the happiest days of your life!

Real Weddings. Cherished Memories.


Sylvia & Patrick

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of Taylor’s photography, because she’s so gifted! Some of our favorite qualities of Taylor’s photography can be summed up in her eye for moments. She captured both the planned, traditional moments (father handing over the bride, the groom’s face upon seeing the bride, bridesmaids’ facial expressions... the list goes on!!) as well as spontaneous and beautifully unplanned moments! Taylor worked flexibly with a variety of weather conditions throughout our day, and had the presence of mind and the artistic eye to use them to her advantage: one of the best photos was a reflection of us in a puddle as we walked across the street after it rained. Taylor captured our wedding day in a beautifully natural, spontaneous, and joyful way. She worked efficiently, confidently, and professionally—but she was also upbeat, creative, and flexible! She took everything in stride, from juggling our large extended family for photos, to riding with us on public transportation to our reception, to making sure that we had a special, private moment to ourselves for our first look. She is highly skilled in photography, and the pictures speak for themselves. We will treasure the moments that she captured for the rest of our lives.


Faith & Troy


Taylor could not have been a more amazing photographer! She was so organized and really spent time getting to know us as a couple and what was really important for us to have photos of on our special day! Not only is she talented but she is kind and so easy to talk to and work with! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for beautiful wedding pictures along with a wonderful photographer!!!



Mia & Donald

I loved how personable Taylor was and how much attention she gave to detail. From start to finish I could tell that she really wanted to capture who we are as a couple and the moments we really wanted to remember. Taylor did an amazing job with our wedding photos. First of all, she’s super easy to work with and such a sweet girl. She has an amazing eye for detail and captured things I didn’t even know I wanted pictures of. You definitely won’t regret choosing Taylor as your photographer!


Ariel & Levi


Taylor was so prepared and organized and intentional that on our wedding day we didn't have to think or worry about our day being captured thoroughly and well. Also, Taylor is just so fun and sweet to be around! She does a great job tailoring (pun intended) your photos to you and your day. It is so uncomplicated, so fun, and in the end so beautiful. Her style of photography is breathtaking also! She captured the joy and love and brightness of our wedding day!


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